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Default What's Wrong with Monogamy, a True Story

I'm Frank.
When I met Ginger, 30 years ago, she was living with Tom.
She lied to Tom that she was going to the beach
With her best friend, Jill.
She went with me, instead.
Ginger and I got married. Tom never forgave me.

Ginger and I became good friends with Helen and Sam.
I used to be Helen's lover before I met Ginger.
The night before Sam came from California to marry Helen,
She asked me to sleep with her for old times sake.
I did. Sam never knew it. Neither did Ginger.

Ginger always thought I was having an affair.
But I wasn't. Then Ginger had the affair.
She lied to me that she was going to the beach with Jill.
But, she went with Marvin.

Now 30 years later, Ginger and Frank, and Helen and Sam
Are all divorced.
And, Ginger and Jill have yet to go to the beach together.

Now Ginger and Helen are best friends.
And, Ginger still doesn't know I slept with Helen
The night before she married Sam.
Neither does Sam, who is still my good friend.
And, Helen and I play Scrabble sometimes,
But we never talk about these things.
And, that's not half the story.
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