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Originally Posted by LusciousLemon View Post

Man does this hit home, and it HURTS! After the first incident with all of them, when we finally got the 4 of us together to talk they were sitting there joking up a storm and L turned to me and said "Okay (Lemon) bring us back to earth and let's get this started". I'm totally viewed as the most mature and stable person, and honestly now that I think about that I feel it is really unfair. I am expected to be the "rock" and maintain stability for all of them. But it's not as if I'm not going through transitions of my own. My own life is very strongly in transition alongside S's, not to mention that any relationship development is transitional for all involved. Oh so many emotions. :/
Well, that might be expected of you right now.....but not forever. The key is that when you are having significant problems, they rally around and support you. They can only know if you are having problems if you tell them,..or have a meltdown. Telling them, would be the first option, right ?
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