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Originally Posted by LusciousLemon View Post
We are all very "attachment parenting" styled in our parenting. We believe in comforting our children if they are upset, even if it's after bedtime.
This is unusual enough to have a name for it? I wouldn't think there would be any other way. A child is upset, comfort him or her. What are parents doing these days that this is unique? <sigh> Never mind my tangent, I'm child-free myself but just had to comment.

Originally Posted by LusciousLemon View Post
L and B are still dealing with initial jealousy enough that they have a "both or none" rule for any physical intimacy beyond a quick kiss and the basic couch snuggle (which is all I've done with either of them at this point). I have no issues with this rule in theory, but considering the seeming near-impossibility of L and I both being child free and available at the same time it just really complicates matters all around.
Do you mean they have a rule that both of them must be involved sexually at the same time whenever they are with one of you? Or do they insist that it be both of them with both of you all the time?

I am glad to hear that they aren't slackers, at least, in the household duties and childraising. It does sound like one of the biggest challenges for you is to speak up and be heard.
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