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Originally Posted by Lemondrop View Post
I believe that what RP is referring to is the fact that *some people identify as monogamous in real life*. Right now.
We have seen it here have we not. I am not making this shit up.... read the threads on it and see. How can one argue that monogamy doesn't exist when they read what monogamous people have written here about their journey in polyamory. How is it scolding, silencing, and accusing someone of being closed minded to point out that when you do a tag search on "mono/poly" you can read for your self that monogamy exists?

Originally Posted by MeeraReed View Post
Every time someone here voices the idea that monogamy might not be natural behavior for humans, they are quickly silenced and scolded for being close-minded.
Quite frankly I see this quote as scolding, silencing and closed minded actually.

now that that is said and done...

Monogamy means different things to different people. Mainstream monogamy right now in history is flawed in my opinion. I don't believe that EVERY monogamous person follows the mainstream though. Monogamy doesn't mean ownership or the set of rules that we have been handed. It simply means loving one person at a time. Everything else can be created to suit those in the relationship, just as poly people do when creating relationships, only they love more than one.

Healthy relationships is all that really matters to me and I believe that healthy monogamous relationships can exist without ownership issues and with just as much freedom. freedom in commitment sometimes. To me is comes down to a way of doing relationships, not how many one is having them with. Its just not a poly or mono issue to me... monogamous mainstream politics is a whole other thing and I think it gets confused with the basics of some peoples relationship theory.
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