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Originally Posted by Savenleye View Post
after a fairly bitter breakup, it gave me some razor sharp focus on what I did and did not want in my next relationship.
Have you considered what razor sharp focus you'll have after the relationship you're in now ends? Snark aside, it's doesn't sound like a good idea to let your relationship standards be reactions to whatever bad thing last happened.

If you find the idea of monogamy outdated or part of a cultural regime that you don't necessarily agree with, you should by all means explore those ideas. If you decide to try being non-monogamous for a while, go for it. If you want a strong emotional component in all your relationships, you could try polyamory. Just realize that the polyfidelitous triad is not the only structure polyamorous relationships can take. Limiting yourself to that structure comes with a kind of reputation that could seriously limit your options.

But, if you're just sacrificing your emotional boundaries and happiness in your relationship in order to please your boyfriend, please don't inflict that drama on other people in the process.
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