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Hi, I'm Pixie, I'm 39 and live in Florida. I have been married and divorced cause the other party cheated on me with my ex-best friend. It wasn't the cheating on me part that caused the divorce; it was the lying about it when I knew what was going on. You could say I have a trust issue or five.

I am bisexual, but I will put it to you like this: I love my meat and potatoes, but every now and then I like some sweet desert. I am currently, nor have I been for the past several years, in any kind of relationship. At some point, I just got bored with all the BS and decided that I could take care of myself at home and not have to wear hip-waders to get to the door. Or the forced conversations or the sharing of my space.

I am also a very alpha female. That is not to say that I am butch or any other vowels you want to replace that 'u' with, I just know what I like and I know when I am hearing a line. I prefer honest communication to listening to someone try to fill what could potentially be comfortable silence.

I have definite voyeuristic tendencies, especially when it comes to watching two men. A friend once told me that I was a gay man trapped in a woman's body.

One of the main reasons that I gave up on monogamy is because I am a true believer that we were not meant to love only one person, that we were truly made with hearts as big as we want or need them to be. The relationship that I decided I would wait for is that of a perfect triad, with two men as into each other as they are into me. Yeah, I know, so I can watch!

I joined this forum group because I have read a lot of material and spoken to a lot of poly people in my life, and most of the articles and friends all spoke of a one at a time, sort of swap between agreed friends that is mostly hetero, with some bisexuality with women involved. I have yet to read much about what I am looking for, and I really am wondering if I am alone in my quest.

Are there other relationships like what I want out there? And if so, how does one go about learning more?
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