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1) An awful lot of people I know have security clearances, and have reason to believe that polyamory could hurt them in a review.

2) I have children, and have reason to believe (experience) that even the people I love would turn me in to CPS if I strayed sufficiently from what was considered mainstream.

3) My partners have children, whom I love, and who I have reason to believe would be yanked right out of my reach should something happen to my partners and their parents knew I wasn't mainstream.

4) I have friends, but I can't talk to them about my relationship problems with them because I feel constrained by how my relationship problems would affect how they view my partners.

5) I have kink, and besides the idea of having my children yanked from my care, I don't like the way it affects how people think of me when they find out I'm submissive.

6) I'm cautious about internet security.

7) I'm private. You want to get to know me? By all means, open a conversation. But I'm not going to put myself out for public display. (the exception--if I feel like my experience will help others.)

8) Sometimes, things happen, things which embarrass me. (heh--sometimes I'm wrong and I don't want to have to admit it.) I wouldn't feel comfortable talking *at all* if I had to live with the fear that people I know would be judging me, but it's easier if I'm more anonymous.

Eh, there's probably about a million more reasons on my part, but I figure you're bored now.

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