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Originally Posted by MeeraReed View Post
...But there is plenty of evidence that humans (both male and female) evolved with a need for sexual variety (and with a need to bond emotionally over sex too). To make this observation does not mean one is being close-minded about mono people!
Whatever evidence we have on evolution, I believe that what RP is referring to is the fact that *some people identify as monogamous in real life*. Right now. And they live it, whether it's hard or not. The statement that "monogamy isn't actually a natural state" is either incorrect, or stating that these people are identifying incorrectly, or stating that they are unnatural. It would probably be more correct to say, "I believe that monogamy is not natural for most people".

Furthermore, saying "monogamy isn't natural" sounds an *awful* lot like the prejudiced statements issued over the last few centuries about minority groups. Wasn't Victorian sentiment that it wasn't natural for women to spend time on intellectual matters? I don't care what evidence you have or what your opinion is, no one rule is 100% true for 100% of the population, and what *I* choose to do with my life, as long as it harms none, is *natural for me*, and the same goes for you.

Originally Posted by MeeraReed View Post
...On the other hand, whether monogamy is a natural state or not isn't at all relevant to how people want or choose or need to live their lives. It's not natural for humans to live in permanent houses and eat processed foods either--but I am happy doing both those things.
Agreed. And quoted for repeated emphasis.
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