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Before I read she's cheating I was going to suggest that maybe its just too soon after meeting her to gallop into her knowing everyone else too. I think I would want to get to know her myself first and then move into more transition with friends it that goes well. In time, when it becomes evident that as a metamour with you things will be fine (for her as well) I would be introducing her to important people in my and my partners life.

Now that I know she is cheating I have a different view. I would be sticking to not wanting her to meet anyone until her bf knows. Meeting close friends is a big step. It says that this person is here to stay. Anyone who is cheating on someone, in my mind, is temporary. Shit hits the fan eventually and when it does I would not want anyone else involved but her, the bf and your partner.

Its hard for people to be supportive when they are witnessing cheating and especially when shit hit the fan. There will be some strong opinions flying around that would do much better contained. Some of your friends will not be super supportive of him or her. Why go through that and jepordize friendships?

Ya, its just me, but I would be against her meeting anyone and I would not really want her in my life also. I think I would be asking my partner to take it all elsewhere until she is an honest woman. To me there is no reason to support cheating.
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