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Originally Posted by JaneQSmythe View Post
At one point Dude and I were outside for a smoke and cool-down before heading back in to fetch beer for everyone. I was so giddy-happy I was glowing - I had just kissed all three of my "dates" in quick succession, combined with good music and a nice buzz, I was about ready to burst. Dude asks me "So...are you feeling like you are the luckiest girl in the world?" - to which I reply, "ABsolutely!" A girl (and her guy) are standing next to us, she is decked out in full '50s dress with a great intricate hairdo, and she overhears and asks "Why is she the luckiest girl?" My reply - after a pause - "It's complicated... I'm here with my husband and my boyfriend." Dude chimes in "I'm the boyfriend, her husband and boytoy are holding our space on the floor." Priceless.

(We went back in and Dude told MrClean that he had been "promoted" to boytoy - MrClean replied "Pshaw...I've been her boytoy for YEARS." - giggles )

After the concert we went to a strip club to look at pretty naked girls and MrS bought me a lap dance and the girls were really sweet (I got kisses).

Afterwards we dropped MrClean off and headed home - where I got double dose of attention from my boys and then promptly fell asleep in a state of bliss.

I'm walking around today all ... satisfied. I get happy-giggles randomly.


*MrClean is a friend of ours. Married with kids. For years he and I have been not quite FWB (which he thinks his wife would not be ok with) - but tons of sexy flirting / light petting (which his wife is - I asked!)
That is definitely an awesome night. Lucky girl !!!
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