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Originally Posted by Hollyx View Post
Well, that's kick in the guts. Thanks for your reply, much appreciated!
Quite alright. That site is the best site to go to for law stuff too. It's the UK government site. It would be great for it to be easier for all 3 in a surrogate situation to get time off. Just because you aren't the mother in the sense of giving birth, you are still the legal mother. and it's just like the father in a regular situation. He didn't give birth, but still gets time off. So it doesn't make much sense that you have to apply for it and go through complicated processes just because you use a surrogate.

It's made me wonder about a lesbian couple who have a baby too.
I can imagine that a gay couple, it would usually come under adoption, but in a lesbian relationship, they do have the ability to give birth themselves, rather than just adopt.

As for a full poly situation, I can definitely see how that could be difficult to write into law. Because there are so many ways people practise poly, that the law written for it, would have to be very general.

I hope you manage to get what you need in your situation and that it isn't too difficult to manage.
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