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Originally Posted by KyleKat View Post
Now if I could just learn to show restraint and have a cool head when my wife asks for new outfit or when we fight because one of us moved the iPhone charger. Or other stupid little crap that turn into mega fights. I guess it goes to show that I really do believe in poly instead of just agreeing to make her happy (something she was worried about, but I reassured her that's not the case long ago).
I got a laugh out of this. BrigidsDaughter and I fight like cats and dogs sometimes over stupid shit. I mean we get mean about it. So mean we once had a friend comment "I thought I just saw a divorce happen right in front of me". Usually once the fight is done and we've cooled off, we apologize and then discuss what got us all angry in the first place if the fight didn't get it cleared up. We live by the old axiom "Better to fight and get it out in the open then to stay silent and simmer". As long as communication happens during the fight, it's all good in our book.

I applaud you and your thoughts during this. I'm not sure I'd be so restrained, but then I'm in a different situation then you are and my wife would probably be calling me once a day to touch base (she's so cute when she worries). I know being away from someone like that can be hard, and the thoughts that come with it harder still. Keep up the fantastic work and keep pushing forward. It sounds like you are on the right track in your head.
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