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Smile Why divorce sucks

Why am I up at 2am writing a blog post you ask? Because divorce sucks. It just really, really sucks.

I truly, strongly believe that a child does best when both his/her parents are in his/her life, provided both those parents are stable, of course. Well. Apparently not every judge agrees with that sentiment. We just got a ruling that says we have to move cities to be closer to our little girls mother and until then we only have occasional access rights. It's crazy making. I can understand an order saying we should move within three months or something but this is beyond stressful. My boyfriend has to find a new job, we have to find a new place, and somehow find the money for moving expenses, first and last, and all as soon as we possibly can; our darling little girl will barely see us until we do.

R is doing her very best to get full custody. It's sickening. I helped to pay for her first months hydro at the place she's at now,T. Helped her pay for the first months rent... NEITHER of us were living with her at the time, but we just wanted to support her and help her because obviously getting a divorce is Hard and she didn't have much money. None of us did; I'm a student for gods sake! But I sacrificed what little I had to help her. So did T. And no, T and I don't live together, so it's not like we were somehow getting the better deal out of the separation financially. We gave her that money because it was the right thing to do. Now she's. Using the fact that she's renting a house (that I found for her through a connection of mine) against T. In court because he only has an apartment. It's truly sickening.

I really believe kids shouldn't have to suffer just because their parents can't get along anymore. I really believe that children should be automatically be granted 50/50 access to both their parents, if both parents are loving and competent parents who want their children in their lives. I think these policies could be made to be fair; ie a parent who makes significantly more money than the other parent could still be required to pay child support. That way any parent who was trying to get out of paying child support by getting joint custody would lose the financial motivation to take joint custody just for the money.

Family law clearly needs reform!

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