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It's 10:35 PM. I'm stressing out. I've been cleaning the house in an attempt to (distract myself) make it presentable for my wife, although the only room that's messy is the one I'm currently in. I've barely been in this house this week so there wasn't really anything to clean. I've done a few loads of laundry and put away the towels and what not.

I should probably finish up and go to bed but I am so anxious for her return tomorrow plus my surprise that's in store for her. I should set out my clothes for tomorrow. I should stop thinking that this week has changed everything. It has because we're officially "poly". It hasn't because it changes nothing about how I feel about her or the situation since a week ago.

Do I want to know details? Do I want to stay in the dark? I don't know. All I know is that the suspense is killing me.

Needed to vent. I'm okay... *twitch*

Is it Tuesday yet?
"Regret for the things we did can be tempered by time; it is the regret for the things we did not do that is inconsolable." - Sydney Smith

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