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Originally Posted by Hollyx View Post
Hi, just a quick question - under UK law is it only the two people who are registered as a baby's parents that are eligible for maternity/paternity leave?

Is there any leeway for a third parent to take time off too?

(I suspect not, but would like to check simply because our circumstance is a bit complex, with surrogacy and stuff)

EDIT: sorry to just jump in with this as my first post, but looking around the intertubes all I can find is beginner's guides on how to not be jealous etc, nothing on the legalities of being a parent in a poly family!
Mother and father of the child only, yes.

"Surrogate parents
If you and your husband, wife or partner are having a child through surrogacy you will not normally be eligible for Statutory Maternity or Adoption Leave. However you will be eligible for unpaid parental leave once you have got a parental order." -
Also - - For paternal side of law.
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