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Cool ~~What's up ya'll? This is about me~~

Hi Everyone! I am really grateful to find a place where I can talk about the relationship I am having and how to make certain decisions and things, when I can't talk to my mom or my sister this time

I am Chrissy A 38 year old single mom. I just 4 months ago ended a really intense monogamous relationship - it ended when I discovered my best friend and the love of my life was in possession of child porn - lots of it - I took it all to the police.... And with that - I have realized I am lonely, and that now I don't trust so well. So I found a couple that I like and I am pretty much becoming their girlfriend...and I really like the attention, and the affection... And they have been together for 5 years, they are stable...and fun So I am going for it. Because it feels like a good way for me to get out of my life and have fun in someone else's life and then come back home to my kids - see I don't have to risk letting someone into my family this way... feels better for the time being. I think in my future i will want a monogamous relationship...maybe...but right now I want to be loved and adored and then go back to my kids and etc... It's mutual adoration, by the way - not a selfish lover

So anyway - I am a very spiritual person, I practice Science of Mind and I love - just in general. I am an artist and I really love people and animals and kids and nature and just really everything that was intended to exist

Enough of all that and hi is what I mean!!!

smiles! chrissy
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