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I feel like it's an ongoing process. Regardless of how you term this, whether it's coming to an identity, a practice, or a lifestyle, whether it's polyamory or polysexory, I experience it as a work in progress, and I think I always will.

Early on I spent a lot of time bending my mind around what is possible, possible to love more than one person, or no? And I spent a lot of time fighting my way out of the bubble of how I've been taught to think.

As time's gone on it's turned into more of a commitment to writing my own rulebook, creating my own relationships with little cultural guidance, and breaking all the rules of "how things should be" that are pressing in from all sides. Sacrifice comes with this commitment, but of course I've experienced rewards.

My partner says he does it because it feels right. I like that. I'll do it for as long as it seems like a good idea. It's been challenging for us. It's easier to play Scrabble than it is to invent a whole new game to play. Or is it? Never know until you try.
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