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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
When I said "do some of those things your therapists have suggested, heh-heh," couldn't you tell the "heh-heh" was a friendly laugh? I wasn't really telling you what to do, I was injecting some humor. I like to find humor in things because, as I see it, the key to "enlightenment" is keeping things light.
Ah, I see, this is the problem. I apologise, but I misinterpreted that as a laugh at me, a kind of 'ho ho, another one of these idiots'. In that context your comments did seem to be making a lot of assumptions about me, which didn't make sense for the reasons you just pointed out. I like to try and find humour in things too, it's just much more difficult to judge on a text-based forum.

I guess I am on the right track then, but I've been wandering down it for so long I needed to stop and check I wasn't just going around in circles.
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