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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
<giggle> It's actually NYCindie, which is NYC + indie for indie films, not NY + Cindie. But I don't mind the confusion, as it keeps the anonymity up when people refer to me as Cindie.
I'll just keep calling you NY Cindie then

Only reason I don't provide more information is doesn't benefit anybody. My parents know who I date, my husband's job knows he is poly. My husband knows I post here, if my boyfriend (or any future partner) asked, I'd tell them who I post as, since if I were to post about a problem here I'd have told the individuals involved about it ahead of time, and I don't mind my partners knowing what goes on in my head (omg maybe that would start a conversation!). I try not to be too specific about what I say, though the people I date would certainly recognize themselves if they stumbled across my posts. However I don't really want 3rd parties to my relationships to have an easy direct link to information about me if I don't have an intimate enough relationship with them to be discussing it with them in person. Figure they should work a bit harder to pry into my head if they want to know what's happening in there!
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