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I think it was great that nycindie added her bit on the whole "I got married to her only to give her away" thing. It is rather an odd idea in terms of how society views marriage in the traditional way, but I am thankful that every time someone comes here and brings up the oddity of "giving their wife away" someone brings up the "ownership" talk that poly people are so well versed on. Its a good reminder, to EVERYONE reading here (those not posting, here for the first time, who are new to poly etc.) that it is possible to view marriage outside the norm of "ownership." If I understand correctly, this is what nycindie was trying to put across.

On that note, I think its come up often enough that it deserves a tag.

Its important to remember that this conversation is not in a box. Its public, if nycindie didn't bring it up, I would of, just to make sure that everyone out there gets the concept.... does that make sense? It seems obvious to me Kylekat that you are not viewing your wife this way, but musing on the strangeness of it all. I am assuming that is the case, otherwise you would be off the wall with this "vacation" rather than handling it quite well so far.
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