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To me this situation seems to be a bit of over kill on the thinking process. In my relationships I just say everything up front, have people meet my partners when they meet them, talk about everyone I am going to be hanging out with and say something of my intent one way or another.

There is no need for me to think that I have to know what my partners are doing all the time, but out of respect I expect that they will tell me who they are with, where they are and what they are doing if its different from the norm and especially if there is a love interest. I also expect that I can tell them whatever I want whenever I want as it pertains to my being a good communicator about my life. Some stuff is for me to keep to myself and other stuff (that directly effects them) is for them to hear about.

We used to have discussions on boundaries around this stuff. Its all stuff we just do now and know that information and communication are important, even if we don't think so at the time. Things come up to bite you in the ass if you don't let everyone in on what is going on for you as soon as you can. So I make sure that I do a lot of talking.
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