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My take on this Redpepper, is that this was a replication of love with a safety net. With the other woman knowing that this had to be treated delicately.

For some the actual act of sex holds greater significance than the emotional bond that they may have for each other. So this would confront the fear that the sexual act would harm their relationship or rather if Maca would be able to come back and view his relationship with LR in that same way he did before or if he would see it as tarnishing or taking away from his relationship with her.

Forgive me for speaking in general, but men sometimes do have a different view of sex and see it as a bigger deal than an emotional bond. I am thankful that the two of you have shared something very intimate publicly and please know that what I'm writing is basically what I have learned through your experience.
I'm glad I have you all to talk to and appreciate the feedback and thought provoking commentary.

My take on this its great that you learned that you can sleep with someone else and come back with the same love, but this is just a replication of love and if/when the time comes that you have feelings for someone else don't be suprised if the way the each of you react is different.
Maca's already finding that how he expected ME to react isn't how I reacted and there are thigs I knew to expect-that he didn't (in terms of my reactions) and I KNOW things will be MUCH more intense and require much more careful stepping if he falls in love with someone. There is so much care required in not allowing yourself to step on each others toes in the madness of falling in love with another.

At least through my eyes, that is. So take it with a grain of salt. For me, an emotional bond brings in deeper emotions and fears than a physical act.
Generally-me too.

But this is actually something I am exploring in myself because sex should be the ultimate expression of love and an emotional bond, but I know there isn't one needed to have sex. Anyways, before I take this topic onto something else I'll leave my inner search for another time.

Great topic for a new thread. Hint hint. I am exploring some of that in myself as well right now!
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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