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Originally Posted by KyleKat View Post
To him, and most men, it is. Read what I put a few posts back. That's how a lot of people feel.
Originally Posted by SoCalDoc View Post
"But... why did you get married planning to 'share' your wife with other women? That's completely different?"

I acknowledged that this may seem like a contradiction--perhaps it is. Few things... First of all, my wife just recently discovered that she's bi, so this wasn't part of the "plan" when we got married. In fact, up until very recently I never would have imagined that we would someday consider opening up our marriage. Secondly, there's a big difference--this is just my own opinion--between my wife having a poly relationship w another woman versus another man. Both involve risks, but I'm willing to accept the risks and potential threat of a same sex relationship because another woman offers my wife something which I simply cannot. BTW, my wife and I are working through this, and we haven't yet reached a decision. She's trying to sort out how strongly she desires a bi relationship, and whether this desire might rise to the level of "need".
To be honest I just see it as something to work through on both your parts. Another man still wouldn't be you; he still wouldn't be bringing the exact same things or qualities into the relationship that you do in your marriage. But it definitely takes time to get there.
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