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Default The last month in recap.

1. Lover has gotten to the point of letting me snuggle him in front of everyone. The kids, Lover and I have gotten into a fun game of wrestling on his bed. He tries to get out of it but being as strong as I am I just kidnap him and drag him back. Then Woogie and Rayne commence to torturing. I sometimes sneak in kisses on his face.

2. Jewell set up a town trip were I got private time with Lover. It being as cold as it was I didn't shower before going back to pick up everyone at my house. The Dew hugged me and then sniffed me again. "Wow you smell like Lover." she said. She did it to me three times before I sent her outside. Jewell in the background trying not to giggle.

3. I was late for my period, and almost panicked. I got tested at my doc app. It came out negative. I was mostly happy and knew I wasn't, but there was a very small part of me that was hoping I was. It turned out to be the medicine I am on.

4. The doctor also asked about my personal relationships and I wasn't shy in the lest to explain things to him.

5. The last Tuesday I spent at Lovers was crazy fun. We had so many sessions I hardly wanted to sit down the next day. Anything that gives me pleasure is used against me many many times.

6. I realized when I come home Jewell can and usually is a little insecure and in need of lots of love and touching. I realized that I love to satisfy her wishes not out of guilt, like last year, but out of simple love and simply missing her.

7. I have stared up running, exercising, and reading again. I think I will even start my poetry/photography book up again.

8. All of us together as a family have put in everything to get stuff done. We do keep our accounts separate but we have been mingling enough to get the garden started, and finish a few lingering projects. Lover wants to take me to a business seminar to help get me up and moving at a faster pace. I have been really helping him out by bringing most of the food over for dinners, and leaving the leftovers. He has been letting us borrow his truck. We have been taking care of three of his goats that need a little T.L.C. We are still doing town trips together weekly.

9. I am not a very good flirt. Lover says I look like a raptor sizing up its prey, calculating the attack. Mind you he also said it was very sexy and kind of scary at the same time.

10. I made Jewell pinky swear that she would stop joking around about leaving me. She got drunk and very rude to me. She called me fat, and other things that were very hurtful, and in front of Lover and the kids to boot. She apologized full hearted the next day, and was sheepishly very sorry. It still does hurt quite a bit.
I make the letter V. I am married to my wife Jewel (MtoF) for 8 years. Adopted into our family is my Sextoy/SSO (Straight Male).--Not living together.

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