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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
Okay, more thinking... LR and GG are different than what you experienced no? They are in love...

I think that my definition of poly may be different than yours. Perhaps that's it. I don't understand how one makes love to a friend. Is that not for lovers? I never considered it before. You had candles, massage oil, the whole bit for someone that you just hang with. Or LR hangs with? For me I guess fucking and friends fits and lovemaking and lovers fits. Sometimes lovers fuck, but friends making love kinds jars me somehow. It feels uncomfortable. I say this with all due respect. If it worked for you then great, it makes me feel uneasy for some reason. I'm hoping that someone has something else to say as I feel like a bit of a dork with all this.
The "extras" were added by me. My friend does NOT get enough romancing in her life-and I knew Maca was capable of being that way-so I put the "extras" in place. She's my friend-would like to be his friend, but at this point aren't really FRIENDS in the truest sense.

I think the key difference is definition..

you can have sex with a sense of caring, friendship, desire to please the other person

or you can fuck-and it's all about hte physical sensations with no sense of ... compersion for the other person beyond the physical

or you can make love with someone and have that soulful connection that tells you there is a higher power (even if it's energy) and you are "one" with each other.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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