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First, sorry wasn't my intention to upset you.

In the phrase back to back I was thinking of encounters close together time wise. You have sex with one ...enjoy the moment, sleep a little, then get up, grab a snack, hydrate, check phone and email and go find the other. This what I would consider back to back. Having sex with one in the morning and the other in the evening I wouldn't see as back to back. With in a short period of time from leaving one and starting with another.

Again wasn't implying anyone was a pack animal just wondered why or how if its bring up these feelings what greater feeling is over riding them. I was just thinking out loud. And I'm sure I've thought of sex as time filler....once in a blackout I know I suggested it was fun too.

Could I do what you do ....doubt it ....1) physiology and 2) I tend leave it all there emotional, ....mind and body. Switching gears ..starting over would be very difficult for me.
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