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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
Just one more thing, I'm glad it all brought you together! You have a funny way of bringing yourselves back to connection though I must say!

Does this mean Maca is considering dating this woman? Could he be poly after all?! Not the ideal way to start a relationship, but..... I'm one to talk.
Yes he's poly. I knew he was RP. But he had his heartbroken so often by lies and misinformation he was afraid to even acknowledge it within himself.

I don't know if he is considring that or not-but I do know that if he is-he's going to have to put a lot, LOT of time into building a friendship. She doesn't want a FB or even a FWB. She wants a bf who can love and care for her as she is for who she is (she's married as well and yes he knows all about it-he and I talked for hours Friday night as a matter of fact).
She learned the hard way that being someone's sextoy sucks.
She agreed to do this (don't usually speak for others but in this case I think it's ok) because she knew she was the safest bet for Maca to face his fears without significant "fallout" for him or the rest of us and she cares about our whole family. Our kids are friends, we are friends etc.
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