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Default meeting the needs

Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Please note that, in the sentence you quoted, the author stated, "Multiple relationships are viewed as positive, in part, because no one individual “can meet all your needs.” " In part. It's part of why poly can be viewed positively. That is just one of many reasons why polyamory can work for people. Straussberg is not saying it is the only reason for everyone. There are all types of people who live polyamorously and many reasons why that is what works for them.
over the week I was thinking about about meeting all the needs. Then it flashed in my mind that "Yes now Me and my SO is and can meet all of each other's known needs. As our relationship is expanding, our personalities will also grow We might come across some new needs in future which we are unaware of now, then there is a possibility that we might or might not be able to fullfill, In that situation the other couple in our polymorous relationship might hep us.
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