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Originally Posted by urmila View Post
Dear friend, in my opinion, it will be a wise move to take up that accomodation. Each case is different and we cannot decide on other's experience. It depends on the level of understanding and transeparency u have with ur primary and the other person too. The only risk i can think of is jealousy. There is no way u can predict, and it is best to try it out, if everything else works out ok
good luck
Normally I'm against people moving in because of the hang-ups but in this case I'm going to agree with urmila. You can't know how you would all do living together until you actually live together. The only way you'll find out if it will work is to go ahead with it. Keep in mind that if it doesn't work you risk damaging friendships with everyone involved. Shitty roommates can break even the closest of bonds.
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