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Default Moving out?

I currently live with my parents as I am a college student. Moving out, and moving in with my primary of 2.5 years has been on my mind for a while, and I have quite the sum of money saved up at this point for such a transition. The benefit of doing so would be a queiter, less frantic, more comfortable, more private, safer space. A change that is very much needed, but we haven't moved forward due to my partners income.

In comes opportunity. There is a place we could each cover our part of rent without much worry; the only hitch, it's with his new person he's seeing (they haven't agreed on bf status yet). It's an interesting possibility. I was friends with person long before they started dating so its not like moving in with a stranger. We get along really well. But all three of us are in the process of figuring out how our dynamics are shifting to accommodate the new relationship. Also this is the first time my partner and I are applying poly theory to practice. So far it has gone well, we check in with each other frequently, set healthy boundries, and I have not felt like Im competting or losing anything despite him spending a lot of time with his intrest.

These things make feel like I could live there as long as we continue communicating as we have. Plus from what I've been told the place is huge, meaning seperate space from my metamour (and dont worry, im going to view it before deciding). I really wish there was time to wait to see how our dynamic changes before making this decision, but there is a fast approching deadline. After which point the opprutunity is gone and not revisitable. Im speaking to a trusted mentor about this situation tommorow.

What im trying to figure out here is if the benefits outway the risks? And what advice/your experince people might have on living in close proxcimty to your metamour?

PS. sorry for the typeos. My phones internet doesnt have spell check. Also written at 1 am, not good for being corherent.

PSS. I welcome blunt responses. Dont sugar coat it.
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