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I spend most of the week away from the guys at work. They're home having fun little adventures and it's not that I'm jealous of them spending time together, I'm upset it can't be the three of us. However, restarting one's life in a new career means sacrifices...for now.

Here's how I deal: I do all the uber-geeky things I know they wouldn't want to. Go play bingo - you betcha. Make puzzles and listen to goofy podcasts? Check. Go to plays? Sold. Catch a flick with subtitles? Sure enough. That way, I'm creating good memories and experiences for me, not focusing on the negative of the separation.

When T and I are together, E grabs his favorite fast food and lets the cats spend the night in the house with him.

When E and I are together, T tinkers on this and that or goes about fixing things.

Basically, the way I think about it is date nights aren't only for couples. Sometimes you need to remember to, ahem, love yourself in whatever dynamic you're in. Sometimes that means a good cry with a pint of Phish Food. Othertimes that means watching a TV show you know your others aren't crazy get the idea.
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