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Yeah, I figured this might be the answer, but I'd still like to see if there is anyone else who was in the same position and what it was that helped them. In an ideal situation I would continue to see the mental health people and they would figure out what was causing it, but I have a suspicion it is a myriad of things that can't easily be solved (I can't actually remember not being depressed in my life), while the doctors are treating it like it'll go away if I keep thinking of rainbows and kittens .

But anyway, that's a different matter. I need to figure out what to do about this, but there don't seem to be any way out without hurting people. Even if I ignore the 'would I be happier being poly' thing, I feel terrible when I'm around these friends with these feelings in my head, especially when my partner is also there. But I don't feel that I can allow myself to try and see if it helps - no matter how much my partner reassures me, I can see how much this whole business is hurting her even without anything actually happening
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