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I wish I had an answer, Phy, because I have pretty much the same question! I know part of my reluctance at the moment is being hundreds of miles away from TGIB. I feel bad mentioning sexy time with MC because TGIB and I can't have that right now. TGIB has already told me he isn't bothered by knowing that I was with MC (neither want details about the other, so that's fine) but I'M still bothered when it comes up! (In a "So what'd you do last night?" kind of way. I'm a horrible liar too, because I never try to lie!) I'm hoping this changes once we're all in the same town.

MC pretty much always knows when I have phone or internet play time with TGIB, and I'm not super-comfortable about that either. It doesn't bother him- he even teases me about it so I KNOW he's comfortable with the idea- but it bothers me. Maybe there's a part of me I wasn't previously aware of that just wants a little more privacy with each of my guys than I currently have. I don't even know if the level of privacy I may want is reasonable or doable, and I would suspect that if it's similar for you everyone living together is not going to help that level of privacy happen. Good luck trying to figure it out!
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