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Originally Posted by lindalen1111 View Post
I don't believe 'monogomy' is actually a real natural state, i think its a by product of social conventions. In terms of evolution, don't you think it makes sense, for survival of the fittest, if offsprings are created from as many different type of DNA structures as possible, which means a continuous strive for optimal gene combinations.
I think we have kinda proven over and over again on this forum that this is just not the case. Have a look in the search engine for "mono/poly" and you will see that people are actually monogamous

It might not work for you, and yes, in part it is a by-product of social conventions, but it works for others. I think the key to it all is to believe in diversity. Difference is the new norm... that means all differences, mainstream ones also. I think that when people say that monogamy is socially constructed that they are actually being as close minded as those that say poly people just want sex or that bisexuals are sitting on the fence. It feels good to say such things and puff ourselves up (I have been there too), but really, its not truthful as far as I can see.

I would argue that serial monogamy is the norm really. Cheating too. This is what I have seen in my years being a non-monogamy relationship geek.

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