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Originally Posted by Savenleye View Post
If he picked out a girl and asked me if I approved, I would feel like I was being asked to share my position of being his girlfriend, whereas if I picked the girl and introduced them, I would feel like I was letting/asking her share in my role. My choice first, his approval second, instead of his approval first, my choice second.
Oh, like picking out a sandwich from a menu, how nice. Can you really think of anyone who would want to be "picked out" and "approved" like a slab of meat?

And why would you have sex with a chick if you're straight? Just to have control? For a guy you've only been with for six months? Don't blame bad ideas on being a "pleaser." That makes no sense. I suggest you do some reading about polyamory. I don't think you really have a clear understanding of what it's about. Sorry to be so blunt, but...
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