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Hi, I don't know why you had problems with the search function but I have a few links for you.

Incidentally, I shared these with you back in December when you started a thread called "safe sex circles." Were these, or any of the other feedback you got, not helpful? BTW, one of the link urls in my original post has changed, I've fixed the quote below to show the corrected url:

Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Here is one short article about fluid bonding aka "condom contract" and poly: Safer Sex Options

Here is another interesting short article about it (substitute the author's term "two people" with however many people will be bonded with you): Fluid Bonding

Here's another discussion thread on this site about fluid bonding: fluid bonding/bareback

You may also be interested in this thread: Safe Sex - Standards, Practices, Information & Resources
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