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Default multiple partners

sounds like an interesting dilemma. I find having more than 1 sexual partner (and bringing them together for threesomes and so on) a very good enhancer to my life. It keeps me on my toes, it keeps me stimulated and things are always fairly wild and fun, so i would definitely encourage everyone to forget the 'norms' of societ and do what feels right! Maybe having one partner is not for everyone. I don't believe 'monogomy' is actually a real natural state, i think its a by product of social conventions. In terms of evolution, don't you think it makes sense, for survival of the fittest, if offsprings are created from as many different type of DNA structures as possible, which means a continuous strive for optimal gene combinations.

I know i'm beating off the track a bit here.. but in short... just have fun! do what you want do, what feels right, what doesn't hurt others (keep honest relationships).. and you will find a life of plenty!

Lin x

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