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that's us. However, I think it means different things to some of us. We descibe ourselves as such because it's something we can all agree on. I find that I don't really see it as a sexual thing. Part of us do.

Me, I guess I see it more as abiding/honoring what we have agreed to for our relationship. Whether than me no sex with someone else (and it does include that at this point) or how we chose to handle any aspect of our relationships.

For me, I have no interest right now in having another partner. Due to logistics, the two I have are more than enough. I feel "full" as well, if that makes sense to you.

I can not see starting another relationship when I want to explore and nurture the ones I have now. Finding the opportunities to do that with Tech are difficult enough as it is.

I practiced fidelity in my monogamous relationship with Gator as well. But then, I had more of a conventional view (though any of by group will tell you that I've always been a little "different" and non-conforming).

I guess, as I grow in my life, that I find myself re-thinking things (and not just on polyamory). I find I think for myself more and not listen to what others tell me I should think.

And I rambled again.
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