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Default The Super Awesome Jealousy Thread

I'm sure there are others, but is there a jealousy thread that is super awesome?

Sigh. Does it ever go away? I'm much better about the other two having a night to themselves, but I still feel a little bile rise to the back of my throat. I HATE feeling this way. I had a nightmare where I yelled at them both and woke myself up kicking and screaming. C'mon, how old am I?

I want to be able to turn it around before my spouse gets home. I want to be able to be okay when the three of us go out to a party tonight. On the inside I'm still a little resentful because I want him to get his OWN girlfriend, and well--he's not going to be in that place for a while.

I know jealousy is super awesome because it forces me to look at my fears: fear of not being good enough, fear of not being loved, and fear of losing what I have. I get that. I just hate it when it is visiting me.
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