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Default Most folks, I see, do have "really good reasons."

Ahh, friends, I really wasn't suggesting that anyone reveal more about themselves than they were comfortable with. What I thought I was saying, as so often happens, was not what was heard. So, forgive me for being unclear.

I was simply curious as to what reasons were used for privacy, and I knew people had good ones. Being self-employed, myself, I am less vulnerable to discovery than many who clearly are in positions in large organizations or have to put themselves out in public on a daily basis. And, thanks, you have all reinforced the reality that polyamory may be the last frontier in closeted lifestyles. It appears that the general public isn't ready for it, to put it mildly. I remember a tragic court case a few years ago, Tennessee I think, where children were being taken away from a poly family.

And, some of you say that this is a forum of ideas and not personalities, though for me, I remember the idea better if i can connect it to a face and a personality. And, thanks to AnnabelMore, I see a reason that never occurred to me, it is a forum to discuss things one is not even ready or able to talk about with one's own partners.

So, thanks to NewYorkCindie (gotta love that name and avatar) and moderator RedPepper (and that one) for detailed clarification of the matter. And, thanks to BrigidsDaughter, ThatGirlinGray, and Shannanigan for telling how devasting being "outed" could be in their personal and professional lives.

And, special thanks to Phy for coming out with her poly family and photos in such a welcoming manner.

Of course, it goes without saying that no one posts their real name here. I'm not "Frank Lee." I'm not clueless about the dangers of internet identity threats. I even recently permanently deleted my Facebook account. I wouldn't trust that Zuckerberg kid any further than .......
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