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This is a public forum where people talk about very intimate and vulnerable situations. Often the people that come here are closeted and fearful that "people" will find out. Its very important to read the site guidelines and respect peoples privacy. Its expected that those that come here choose a name that is NOT one they use on other forums as people will and do track them down. Its also expected that people not use real names and be too suggestive in the details of their lives.

On average, us mods, get about three to five messages a month (each) asking us to delete profiles, change threads, change names, delete posts... besides spam, its the bulk of what we do.

If you want to get details then I suggest messaging those that look interesting to you and make some friends or you can use any other social network to build friendships out side of here. Many of us know each other elsewhere and do our private chatting there. Some of us even know each other personally and have traveled miles to see each other. After four years there is community being built on here, just not evident so much on the public parts of the forum.
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