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It's mostly my mother. She has a very conservative view of how things "should" be, and she's convinced that she's always right. She's tried to kick me out of the house a few times before for doing things she considers immoral. When I lost my virginity she didn't talk to me for's really because of my father calming her down that I'm still living here. He's had more than his fair share of fuck-ups in life so he's more accepting. I don't know if a shitstorm happens because of this, if it'll blow over like the other things or if it will escalate into something more serious.

If it did and I had to move out, there's no way I'd be able to support myself. I'm studying to get my bachelor's and I feel like getting a job would affect my grades. I'd probably move in with my grandma, who I love a lot, but if she found out about why I got kicked out, it would break her heart...

When I graduate in two years, I have to move out of state to get my master's, so I'll have to make it on my own I'll have more freedom, but I'll also be more alone. I was planning to move with my boyfriend when we graduated, but I guess I'm on my own now...
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