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Well...we broke up. During all the talks that we had about poly I realized that there were other issues in the relationship that were also serious, and that the relationship was on shaky ground even if I did decide to stay monogamous. We're just too different from each other, and I have more needs than he can provide without burning himself out. He said that I demanded so much from him that keeping me happy felt like a chore. The most we had going for us was amazing physical compatibility, really. I personally think that opening up would have relieved him from having to do so much and that it would have made us both happier, but he just can't stand the thought of sharing. Such is life, I guess...

Things are going to be pretty complicated from here on out... I don't even know what it is I want, including being poly. I guess I'll make another thread discussing that in particular...but for now, I've decided that I won't pursue anyone for at least a few months, so I don't end up in a rebound situation and that both of us will have time to heal from this. I'll still be around like always, but we just won't be in a relationship.

I fear people's opinions, though...I don't care so much, personally...but one wrong move, and my entire social life could implode. Might even get kicked out of my house. I hope this is worth whatever may come...
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