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Originally Posted by SNeacail View Post
There is nothing wrong with calling her just to say "Good Morning" or "Good Night" and tell her you "just needed to hear her voice", or sending her a text and saying "I miss you, I NEED to hear your voice, call me when you have a 2 minutes." Speak up and let her know what you need, acknowledge that you know she doesn't like to speak on the phone, but that you need a little more than just a text message. Make a compromise you can both be comfortable with, because right now it sounds like you are just trying to "suck it up", when a small compromise could make it SO much better.
I have no doubt she would call me if I asked her. The point is that I always make her do what I wanted and we talked about it and I know she didn't have any intention of calling me. I don't want to go back on our discussions just because I like hearing her voice. I need to prove to myself as well as to her that when I say something I mean it. I've done a lot of saying one thing and doing another lately and it's been a big issue for us. I need to stick with my decisions. Next time she goes I will likely ask her to call me once a day just to say hi, love you, but this time is a test to see how we handle it and I want to be strong.
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