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Originally Posted by SNeacail View Post
Not sure, but it might have been easier if you had the kids at home with you at least some of the time, especially the older one (I think I read the youngest is just a baby). When my husband goes out of town, I use that time to do out of the ordinary things with the kids. Like, having a camp out the living room, a pizza making party, etc. After a while, the kids would start making a list or plans for the next time he was away.
I will have the kids for most of the day Saturday. The reason I don't have the kids is because I can't watch them and work and this was easier than getting a babysitter. But I agree it would have helped to have them around. I miss them.

As far as calling her, she hates talking on the phone. She doesn't call him either. I knew up front I probably wasn't going to get to hear her voice this week. It sucks but I have the rest of my life to tell her how much I love her.

Side note, I plan on buying her a build a bear. Did I already say this? Last time we were in Chicago she wanted one but I said no because of expenses. I'm going to head to pick her up a little early so I can get it for her.
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