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Wow, this thread blew up rather quickly. Everyone needs to calm down and just take a step back. I'll address some of the points I've read.

This morning I texted my wife and apologized for the comment about being broken by Monday. She said she knew that's who I am and didn't think anything of it. I live in a life of sarcasm and I think it bothers her from time to time but in this instance she knew I was just being me.

I do think it's harder for me than it is for her. She is going to bed with someone and waking up with someone and kissing and holding hands and hugging. I haven't had any affection all week. I am typically categorized as the female in our relationship because I am very needy and respond to touch. She prefers to be left alone. That she is with someone isn't my issue. That I have gone two days without saying I love you out loud or holding her is. But I'm a big boy and I haven't always been married so I know how to cope. I have no doubt that this is incredibly difficult for her as well but I think it's very silly to think the person that is in an amazing new place with a new friend and seeing touristy stuff is as equally lonely. If I were the one gone I would totally expect her to be the more upset of the two of us.

I don't have the kids here (grandparents! Yay!) but I am still in my house with all of my memories. I have been amazingly busy every day without any sort of downtime because I know my personality and I know of I stop for even a second it could mean I start to dwell and then just eat at myself. Does this mean I'm not ok with the situation? Absolutely not. It means that I know how to deal with my fears and I'm doing what's necessary to keep them at bay. I'm glad she's having fun. She told me its simply amazing out there. Good! I would hate to have her go and be miserable. I've told her that many times. I love her. Nothing will change that so why spend my time upset?

I appreciate everything you guys have said. There was a small misunderstanding but let's put it behind us alright? There's no need for any of you to get upset. I like the various viewpoints. It gives me perspective. That's why I wrote here. I would like to make friends on here, not cause fueds.

Edit: I frequently believe that my wife isn't giving me enough attention. Then she brings it to my attention that she has in fact done exactly what I wanted but I spend so much time worrying that I miss it when she is doing what I want. It's been one of the major things I've been working on in my life. If I made it seem like she has been ignoring me, she hasn't. She's busy, as is to be expected in one's first time in a new city. She still finds time to text. I really am doing quite well. Thanks again for the support everyone.
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