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Originally Posted by SourGirl View Post
Tossing 'sexism' around, anytime we don`t like what we hear, is also irresponsible. I don`t agree with the use of words like racist, sexist, bigot, etc., being used so flippantly. It seems to be ok to some people, but not to me.
I disagree that I "tossed around" the word or used it flippantly. I may have misunderstood what was stated and may have been incorrect in using it, but it was my viewpoint at the time, not used without forethought, and I felt it was valid when I posted it. In my previous post I admiited to misconstruing DH's intent and apologized. However, just because you don't like the word and believe that people should be careful with it, doesn't mean when someone else uses it that it is being "tossed around" irresponsibly or flippantly. I would see it as more of a big deal if people didn't speak up when they perceived sexism than when they do.
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