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Originally Posted by insanity View Post
I know that the whole polyamory idea is that it is possible loving more than one person, so when I am with one, I am not 100% with them since there is also another one... or am I wrong?
Yeah, I am not understanding your take on this.

Like I said before, how is it possible to be any less than 100% who you are at any given moment of time? Who you spend time with doesn't take away your wholeness or ability to be fully present. If you give in to distracting thoughts, you're still 100% there, but just listening to thoughts in your head. If you focus on the person or activity in front of you, your attention is 100% on that person or activity.

What is all this focus on "100%" about for you? Do you believe that to be in a relationship you have to subsume who you are into the other person and not have any outside interests or parts of you that can be passionate about other things and people?

I think, perhaps, what you are wrestling with is your belief system about what relationships are supposed to be or mean.
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