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I just thought that context and history would play a huge factor in that remark. Also there are a lot people who see passive aggressive around every corner and co dependency in every shadow. I'm too direct to be passive aggressive.

Sexist ...really. I was thinking of a "person " sitting home alone ...with his kids, empty bed, pictures hanging on the walls, cloths in the closets ....Its WAY FUCKING different than in a different city...someone else s home ...Constant distraction ...Seem that the "PERSON " stay home is going to do the heavy lifting ....Whatever the sex of that person. You've never been in this til you have might want to back of the sexist crap.

Now equal situation would be ....they both leave for 10days in different directions to explore new lovers ... This way the triggers of the house or home aren't there on the wall of wife or husband taring you in the face. Both have their own built in distractions and can focus on the new partners.
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