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It wasn`t directed at you personally, nycindie. It was an overall remark to various responses.

If it was personal, I`d of quoted you.

..but since you bring it up, congrats on Kyle pm-ing you with thank you`s. Does this mean you can stop attacking thoughts different then your own ?
(Calling DH`s comment sexist ?,..Really ! Very rude. You may not like his politics or thoughts, but he would say the exact same thing to two men. (That is for him to defend for himself, though. ) Maybe you`ve forgotten to practice what you preach ? If you are preaching about how to have discussions with people, you might want to lead by example. Take that for what`s it worth. I usually like how well-spoken you are,..regardless of agreement on the subject.

For the record, I was stating the practice of painting everyone with the same brush. The tone of the thread had gone into the 'This is how it is 'type of advice, which can be dangerous on any subject. People are individuals and relationships are unique as we are all aware.
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